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Forbidden desires:Alpha's Love

The taboo romance between Adrian and Chloe in multiple identities. Chloe gets entangled with a handsome man, Adrian, her professor and future stepbrother. No matter how much they resist, their attraction to each other is irresistible.


The Unwanted Mate

Evelyn, a young omega, is rescued by Alpha Keiran when she is ambushed by the rogues. And then she finds that powerful alpha is her mate, but he is going to reject her.


The Female Janitor Revealed as a Hidden Tycoon

Housekeeping, a seemingly insignificant profession, is one of the most important aspects of the functioning of various establishments such as offices and shopping malls. In these establishments, you may find some female janitors who are particularly good at...


Mr. Idiot, Hero Husband

Chu Chen, the young master of the No. 1 family. 1 in China and heir to the No. 1 strange sect. 1 in the world, accidentally sealed his two souls and five souls on his way down the mountain after finishing his studies, and has been a stupid son-in-law for five years.